About Us

TheBowTieSociety.com is the premier innovator in the bow tie world. Chuck Blackburn founded the AmericanBowTieSociety.com, the InternationalBowTieSociety.com, as well as TheBowtieSociety.com. Chuck authored the "essential book" on bow ties, The Bow Tie Bible. 

Years ago, Chuck was a manufacturer’s rep of fine mens neckwear to most of the best specialty shops in the US. As a lifelong fan of bow ties, Chuck felt he knew why bow tie wearers love bow ties. Bow ties make a positive statement of style, intelligence, and individuality...when worn properly. Unlike long ties, bow ties serve a useful purpose and function. Bow ties are not a slave to the fickle fashion whimsies (wide-narrow-narrower-wider). Bow ties last longer and are most becoming when they fit one’s eye sockets (approx. 2"x4.5")

Long ties can't provide what bow ties can. So, gentlemen (and their spouses) gotta know how to buy, tie, and wear bow ties! Don't pre-tied bow ties look fake, phony, and fool no one?? (editor's opinion) All this and more are in the Bowtie Bible ($25), a hilarious, edifying hardcover, gold leaf, illustrated, easy read, and a great gift on any occasion. A must for the interested, or those just curious about what they don't know; they don't know.