A properly tied bow tie is a "finishing touch" to a well attired gentleman.

If we look back to men’s fashion years ago we can easily see pure class, totally different from what today's fashion has normalized. Well fitted shirts, tailored suits, dress slacks and polished shoes. But what gave all these attires that finishing touch was the small colorful cloth comfortably tied around one's neck making top shirt buttons useless. A bow tie!

Bow ties are a garment of class and distinction, easy to tie once you learn. In the first place, tying a real one properly requires strong motivation, even if only to save others from pre-tied (fake) bow ties! Clip-ons look childish, telling the world you never learned tie one!

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Every gentleman should know how to tie a bow tie

It’s hard to accept a long-lost tradition but we can!

I’m a long time bow tie fan. I owned a business providing fine clothing as well as quality ties, including bow ties, to specialty shops in America!

I began wearing bow ties as I saw they are not only stylish ,but made a personal lifestyle statement of truly discerning individualists. Plus, bow ties are more comfortable, practical, flattering, and create positive statements of confidence, intelligence, and individuality!

Bow ties are back! They should never have left, and if worn properly, they will stay! 

Bow ties are not a religion but we do have a Bible. My passion and study of bow ties led to writing the Bow Tie Bible, a seriously humorous & insightful read, and/or gift, for all age readers for any occasion.

This website is tailored for your viewing pleasure and you'll be able to see handmade bow ties, videos and learn the benefits of joining. You are welcome to peruse, open an account, place an order, or just tell your friends. 

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